Map view


Xayaburi, Don Sahong, Pak Beng and Sanakham
This map visualises levels of food insecurity as a rolling two-week indicator. The higher the red pigment the higher the poverty in the respective sub-districts. Food insecurity considers subsistence production and household income available for food consumption.
This map shows the weekly difference between the baseline (shown left) and the scenario. The more green pigment, the more food security improves. The more red pigment, the more food security declines compared to the baseline. The majority of changes shown result from a combination of hydropower impacts and household migration. As households experience livelihood related impacts some decide to migrate elsewhere. Migration and livelihood data is derived extensive household surveys. Typically, the ripple effect of livelihood loss/deterioration and migration shifts food insecurity away from most affected areas into areas that have the potential to provide new livelihoods.